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Water Reservoir
Fort Carson, Colorado

Water Reservoir 7900 was completed in two phases. Phase 1 involved the removal of the existing concrete tank and construction of a one million gallon capacity steel tank which was located on the footprint of the existing tank. The new steel tank was required to aesthetically match the existing tank 7901. To control the corrosion of the metal surface cathodic protection was installed.

It was critical during construction to not disturb the soil immediately over and adjacent to the existing water supply main, related valves, and laterals. A critical part of this project was to keep the adjacent reservoir in operation while Phase 1 was being completed. A new altitude pit was also constructed between the two steel tanks. Phase 2 required the removal of the existing altitude pit and the tie in of Reservoir 7901, as well as the pump house, to the new altitude pit to make the entire system operable.

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