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USAFA Falcon Mews
US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

The USAFA Falcon Mews project is the construction of a state of the art mews located at the U. S. Air Force Academy. The mews rooms feature easily cleaned/sterilized flooring with a drainage system, perches, open air windows, skylights, and food chutes built into the doors to each mew room. Each mew space has a large external window and a skylight. The facility features a large preparation and equipment room. The preparation room and equipment utilizes linoleum and stainless steel to allow for easy cleaning. The concrete floors and painted concrete block structure are easily kept clean and orderly. The concrete block walls are key elements to keep the mews cool in warm weather. There are both individual mews and breeding chambers in the facility. The mews features include:

  • Multiple mews (12' x 12') each with window and skylight
  • Preparation room with refrigerator and freezer
  • Electricity and plumbing
  • Variety of perches including Astroturf covered shelf perches
  • Barred windows with screens to allow good ventilation but prevent insects from entering

This project required new construction of a specialized structure built to house the falcon mascots at the Air Force Academy. The project scope of work included demolition of the existing facilities and construction of a new facility with related infrastructure, mechanical and electrical along with interior finishes. The scope of work also encompassed site work with asphalt paved parking and roadways finish grading and drainage. The new building is approximately 2,700 square feet.

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