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TO6 Repair Commissaries
US Air Force Academy, CO; Fort Carson, CO; Peterson AFB, CO; FE Warren AFB, WY

Major repairs were made to commissaries in Colorado and Wyoming. Work performed included electrical upgrades and replacement, and repairs or replacement of drywall, wood, flooring, ceilings, signage, mechanical systems, concrete, wallpaper and paint. The project also required extensive lead and asbestos abatement.

Four commissaries were remodeled concurrently and work was performed around the clock at each location while the commissaries remained fully operational. The project earned an Outstanding Performance Evaluation from the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Comments from the Area Engineer who evaluated Mass Service & Supply, LLC included:

"Because of the joint occupancy aspects of this job, timely and complete QC documentation was necessary. The performance in this area was outstanding... Contractor had strong superintendents to manage the crews and strong CQC's to manage the quality of construction... The contractor's Superintendents were on site to discuss progress with supervision and government personnel night and day..."

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